September/October 2021

Release MarkdownX as a package that can be installed with licenses using packagist, this way users can install and upgrade markdownX with a simple:

composer update

Work on a few more item types in the drop-down, suggestions open 😉

Dropdown Features:

November/December 2021

Add a floating toolbar when user selects a piece of text. Allow that toolbar to manipulate the selected text to be bolded, italicized, underlined, line-through, mark as code, or linked.

Add simple Emoji picker dropdown. Possibly using the : syntax which will trigger a new dropdown.

Add mention feature, which will show a dropdown list of users to select.

January/February 2022

Adding a WYSIWYG version of editor. The developer can choose to show the WYSIWYG version or the markdown version. The WYSIWYG version will display everything real-time, leveraging the drop-downs and toolbars. It will still render the output as Markdown.

Start researching more items to add to the drop-down menu.